Cheap Air India flights: night flights from ₹1,928

Discover how to enjoy one of Asia’s largest airlines without spending too much! Find out how to get offers and discounts of Air India!


Air India: save big on your next flight!

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Cheap Air India flights! Source: Air India

You don’t need to break your budget to take your next trip! Air India cheap flights are for everyone to enjoy the best on airfare!



Air India

Low Fares Loyalty Program

Overnight flights from ₹1,928!

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Want to find out how it’s possible? Read on to learn how to take advantage of the company’s best discounts!

Air India: how to find flight promotions and discounts

A global consensus is that air tickets can be the most expensive on a trip. The holidays can turn into a challenge for the unprepared traveler’s budget.

However, it can be solved with a little planning and an airline that offer options for those who want to save money.

And this, Air India knows very well how! If you’re looking for the best airfare deals, we’ve got your back!

Let’s get into the main forms to save with Air India.

Schedule to save

Good planning can make you save money with most of the air companies! And with Air India isn’t different.

In some cases, organize your schedule to buy in advance of a few months or weeks. You’ll enhance the chances of getting a cheap deal or offer!

Book through its website or use the company’s mobile app! You can choose between several offers with a few clicks and get the best deal!

The Flying Returns program

One of the best things about flying is earning while buying tickets! Also, with Air India, it can be even better!

Flying Returns is the mileage program of Air India, which rewards frequent flyers for enjoying the best destinations.

Furthermore, Air India is a member of the world’s largest air alliance! You can earn Flying Return points by flying with each of the 25 partners of Star Alliance.

With that partnership, program members can enjoy thousands of destinations in 195 countries and even accumulate points to redeem.

Finally, the company offers bonus points for booking through one of its online platforms, website, or app! What are you waiting for to become a member?

Choose to save

Air india passengers
Choose to save. Source: Air India

Air India has three classes available for its clients. Travelers can choose between First Class, Executive Class, and Economy Class.

You must be wondering if choosing the Economy is the only way to save money. Undoubtedly, it’s the most intuitive and the best for the occasional traveler.

However, those who travel constantly can take advantage of flying with Air India in the other two cabin classes!

Some special offers and features are just available for executive and first-class tickets, such as larger loyalty points.

If you travel often, you might be able to take advantage of balancing price and convenience for some international or domestic destinations.

Get the cheapest day

You can find cheap offers through the Air India website by looking for a ticket in its search tool.

You’ll be redirected to a page with the ticket offers when you put your destination and further information.

Also, you’ll access a calendar tool sorting the lowest prices in the week you scheduled.

With this feature, you can navigate through the possibilities! It can be very useful for the traveler with the flexibility of getting the cheapest day!

Budget-friendly baggage policy

Taking too much baggage on a flight can make you spend more. But this may not be a problem if you book with Air India!

The company has a very budget-friendly baggage policy, allowing passengers to take a good weight both on checked baggage and cabin baggage.

It’s easy to stay under a maximum of 25kg of checked baggage and 8kg of personal baggage for the economic class. Keep it, and it will be for free!

For other flight classes, this limit gets even greater.



Air India

Low Fares Loyalty Program

Enroll the Flying Returns program and earn points! Find flights from ₹1,928!

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Cheap Air India flights at flight booking websites

When saving money, looking for as many options as possible never hurts.

Thus, you can find several online agencies and travel aggregators online. But let us introduce you to one more!

Meet the powerful tools of Skyscanner! Its powerful meta-search engine will help you make saving on your next trip much easier!

Get the best deals and cheap fares with a few clicks. Just fill up your destination and origin, and Skyscanner will do the job.

You can use Skyscanner the next time you schedule a trip and find several Air India deals there! What are you waiting for?

How can you buy cheap Air India flight tickets?

Searching for and booking cheap flights with Air India is easy and straight to the point. Thanks a lot for its online and mobile solutions!

As we covered before, despite having a huge operation and First Class products, you still can enjoy flying cheaply with Air India!

But, directly to the point, how to get those cheap deals? We’ll now cover how to use its online platform to buy tickets.



Air India

Low Fares Loyalty Program

Cheap flights from ₹1,928!

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Are you looking for cheap flights? Take advantage of the low online offers now available with Air India and save! Book your tickets today.

Start your journey by simply getting the search tool on the website or mobile. It will be right at the top of the front page and is easy to find!

Fill the tool with your main trip information: put international or domestic departure city and destination, dates, and how many travelers.

You’ll be redirected to another page, where the system displays all the offers and available flight times.

Finding the tickets and prices on Air India’s website and mobile app is straightforward.

Baggage and fees

Further on the process, right on the same page, a tab with some options will appear just by clicking the best offer for you.

For example, if you have chosen Economic, the new tab will include variations like Web Special or Super Value Economy.

Note that they have different prices with different advantages for the higher ones. Just make a choice based on convenience and price.

As we’ve covered before, Air India’s baggage policy is friendly to the budget!

You won’t have to pay any fee unless your checked bag exceeds 25kg or 8kg to cabin bag.

Booking and payment

Air India employees
Learn how to buy cheap tickets on Air India. Source: Air India

Advance to the last details of your reservation and fill on the defined spaces with your personal information.

You can also, in this section, provide your frequent flyer program! Simply choose the one you’re a member of and your number.

Be sure to create a login on the Air India website and choose an option to be a Flying Returns member.

Lastly, you’ll be redirected to the payment section. Choose the options, proceed with the payment, and here it is!

Now is the time to enjoy the holidays or take a quiet work trip. You’ll get the very best by flying with Air India while saving!

Air India: company overview

Air India is one of the most important airlines in Asia, being part of the world’s largest airline alliance Start Alliance.

Operating in India since 1932, the company is part of the history of the country’s aviation.

Since then, Air India has become India’s most remembered air company.

Its operation covers more than 50 domestic and 77 international destinations.

Regarding prices and fees, the company has a policy that caters to all tastes. You can enjoy airfares from Economic, Executive, and First cabin class.

Bottom line

The company aligns with global technology trends, and its customers can use online and mobile solutions.

Experience quality service and cheap flights to countless regions throughout India – or even venture further outside the country’s borders.

It is worth flying with Air India! So don’t wait any longer! Book your flight and enjoy all this company has to offer!



Air India

Low Fares Loyalty Program

Night flights from ₹1,928! Earn points Flying Returns points!

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