Air India Express: find flights from ₹1,756

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable way to travel? Discover how to take advantage of Air India Express's cheap offers!


Air India Express: travel on a budget!

Air india Express plane
Air India Express: find flights from ₹1,756. Source: Air India Express

Airfare can be expensive and make a holiday trip a nightmare for your budget. But it doesn’t have to be like that with Air India Express cheap flights!



Air India Express

Low fares Online

Overnight flights from ₹1,756!

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Multiple destinations are waiting for you! Don’t lose more time and discover how to explore India’s top destinations while saving with Air India Express!

Air India Express: how to find flight promotions and discounts

No doubt that air tickets can be really expensive. This cost is the biggest part of the travel budget for most travelers!

Finding an air company with the compromise of making flying affordable for everyone is a game-changing experience.

And you can expect that from Air India Express, a subsidiary of Air India. We now cover the main ways and tips to get cheaper deals for your next trip!

Deals from online platforms

With the Air India Express online services, you can get closer to your next dream holidays with just a few clicks!

The company offers travelers two options to get their flights: a website search engine and a mobile app. Both can show deals and special offers!

Just choose the most convenient platform and search for your desired passage. They will show a “lowest” day option beyond the schedule.

It is the best option for travelers with flexible travel dates. You can save more by choosing the “lowest fare” day option!

Plan what to take with you

Air India Empress employees
Air India Express: how to find flight promotions and discounts. Source: Air India Express

One of the easiest ways to not spend too much on an air trip is to take only the necessary. This will ensure that you don’t have any unexpected expenses.

Despite being a low-cost company, Air India Express is aligned with the best domestic and international aviation customer services.

The company offers a very budget-friendly baggage policy for its travelers. Just make sure you don’t exceed the weight limits in your luggage.

Passengers can take free checked baggage up to 25kg and personal baggage of 7kg for domestic flights.

International flights may have different requirements depending on the destination.

Make your plans in advance

When buying airline tickets, details often make all the price difference. Planning your dates well can make you save money!

Buying tickets in advance for a few weeks or months can increase the chances of getting a cheaper flight.

You can get even the best of Air India Express’s low-cost politics by programming correctly for the next trip.

Further, flexibility with the dates can be even more efficient for saving!

The company’s website tool is simple but sets a lowest fare day flag if a lower fare day is available.



Air India Express

Low fares Online

Make the most of your next vacation! Get flights from ₹1,756!

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Cheap Air India Express flights at flight booking websites

Planning and researching multiple sources for the best prices is never a waste of time.

Online solutions like Skyscanner are the best resource for the traveler. You can get the best offers for thousands of destinations with a few clicks.

Skyscanner’s powerful meta-search engine you transform your next travel experience.

And there is more! You can find there great and cheap Air India Express offers.

Wait no more to transform your online booking experience! Discover today the cheaper tickets and thousands of destinations of Skyscanner!

How can you buy cheap Air India Express flight tickets?

Enjoying great customer service and getting cheaper offers never was so easy. With Air India Express, you’re just a few clicks away from your dream trip!

A straightforward web experience enhanced by a mobile app makes a difference for travelers. This is one of the benefits offered by Air India Express.

Let’s check next in detail what you need to know for online booking and enjoy what’s best the company can make!



Air India Express

Low fares Online

Save a lot on your next flight! Buy your tickert for ₹1,756!

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Look for your destination

Are you looking to save with airfare deals? Look no more than the Air India Express cheap flights through its website!

Start by getting into the company’s website or mobile app. There you will find a search engine where you can find the company flights.

Fill out the tool by putting your departure and destination among those available.

If you want to know if Air India has flights coming out of your city or to the destination you need, check out the full list on its website’s “Our Network” page.

Finally, select the number of passengers and their ages. Choose next the dates, and the tool will redirect to another page displaying all the offers.

Choose the best offer

Air india Express plane
How can you buy cheap Air India Express flight tickets? Find out! Source: Air India Express

By default, the website will initially show you the offer on your chosen date.

But you can look at the calendar above and see if there is another cheaper day.

You can check the offers and find one that balances dates and prices. If you have more flexibility, you can enjoy cheaper days.

Payment and reservation

Further in the process, check the information, baggage, number of passengers, dates, and more.

If you need, take extras such as baggage and choose seats.

Once your trip details are confirmed, and everything is ok, you’ll be redirected to the payment page. There, fill in the required information about payments.

With just a few clicks left, you’ll be ready to pack your trip!

Once your reservation is confirmed, you’ll be notified and receive a confirmation.

Air India Express: company overview

If you need tickets to fly throughout India but don’t want to spend a lot, you should take a chance to meet Air India Express.

This subsidiary of the large and well-known Air India was founded in 2005 as a low-cost option for the main one.

The company operates in 14 international destinations in Asia and the middle east. Also, covering with domestic flights to 19 top cities in India.

Its claimed slogan “simply priceless” seems true, as one of the country’s best low-fare companies.

Also, travelers can find deals and offers through its online platforms.

Bottom line

Furthermore, Air India Express offers the convenience of booking and more services online and mobile.

Indeed, bringing agility and alignment with current travelers’ needs.

Are you planning your next international trip or getting India’s top destinations?

Let Air India Express be part of your journey and discover the ultimate in low-cost aviation!



Air India Express

Low fares Online

Find cheap flights from ₹1,756!

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