Better Mortgage: how to apply

Applying for Better Mortgage is as easy as it seems! They offer a full-digital service and multiple loan options for you! Buy your dream home! Start your process today!


Better Mortgage: Easy, fast and fully online application

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Find out how to apply for the Better Mortgage! Source: Better

Apply for the Better Mortgage and start your home-buying journey today! This lender offers a full-digital service and charges no hidden fees!




No hidden fees Digital lender

Rate transparency! Easily customize your mortgage rates!

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In this article, we’ll teach how the application process works in detail and what is the minimum borrowing requirement! Then keep reading to learn more!

How to apply on the website

To apply for the Better Mortgage, you’ll need to access the Better website. You can complete your application fully online.

They’ll ask you multiple questions, such as when you plan to make de house purchase, how you will use de mortgage loan, and what type of home you want.

Next, they’ll ask for your estimated credit score. Also, they’ll require some personal, contact, and financial information!

Then, you must create an account and provide some additional information. After submission, you can sign most of your closing documents online if approved.


Better Mortgage requires a minimum credit score of 620. Also, applicants can make a minimum down payment of as little as 3%.

However, if the down payment is less than 20% of the property price, Better will require applicants to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI)!

Regarding the debt-to-income ratio, borrowers can’t exceed 50%.

Apply on the mobile app

New home-buyers can only apply for the Better Mortgage through the Better website. However, this lender offers a great mobile app to help first-time borrowers.

In the mobile app, customers can find articles, guides, and a mortgage calculator to help them estimate their monthly mortgage payments, for example.

Find other loan options: Rocket Mortgage

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Compare two mortgage loan options and find out which is good for you! Source: Adobe Stock

Better is a great lender for anyone looking for rate transparency and great customer service. Nevertheless, if you want to consider more than one lender before applying, here we are to help you!

Meet Rocket Mortgage! This lender delivers several mortgage options and a user-friendly mobile app in which customers can easily manage their accounts.

Additionally, the application process is fully online, and they consider applicants with a lower credit score. Compare below both lender’s details!

Better MortgageRocket Mortgage
Credit ScoreAt least 620;620 or higher;
Loans OfferedConventional, Jumbo, FHA, Fixed- and Adjustable-Rate, Rate-and-term and cash-out refinancing, and bridge loans;Fixed-rate, Adjustable rate, FHA, VA, and jumbo;
Minimum Down PaymentAs little as 3%;As little as 3%; 
APRSee terms;Not disclosed on the website;
TermsUp to 30 years.8 years up to 30 years.

Keep reading to learn more about Rocket Mortgage and how to apply for it. The following article will explain more about this lender and its requirements!

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Rocket Mortgage: how to apply

Interested in this mortgage loan? So let’s take a look at how to apply for the Rocket Mortgage. Keep reading and apply today!

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