Rocket Mortgage: how to apply

Applying for the Rocket Mortgage is easy! With a fully online service, it offers a quick application process. Read this article and find out how to apply!


Rocket Mortgage: Easy application process and full customer service

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Learn how to apply for the Rocket Mortgage today! Source: Rocket Mortage

Rocket Mortgage is the perfect online lender for anyone with a lower credit score looking to buy real estate. It offers various loan options and convenient full digital customer service.




Online good rates

Customer service seven days a week. User-friendly mobile app.

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So if you want to apply for the Rocket Mortgage loan and still don’t know how, keep reading this article; we’ll walk you through every detail of the application process. Let’s go!

How to apply on the website

Applying for this mortgage loan is simple. First, you must create an account.

All the documents needed can be uploaded since the process is fully digital.

You’ll need to fill in the requested items with your personal information, email addresses for each person on loan, income, employment information, and your Social Security Number. 

The Rock Mortgage application also requires online banking info, such as username and password, and statements of any accounts and assets that should be considered.

Once you provide all the requested documents, the lender will analyze the data and your credit report to show which loan options are available.

Then, you can personalize it, such as terms and interest rates. Lastly, the Rocket Mortgage system will verify your application. If you’re approved, you can close your loan.


According to Rocket Mortgage, the approval process is unique to each applicant. However, some issues are most commonly considered.

For example, if you want to increase your chances, your monthly expenses shouldn’t exceed 45% of your monthly earnings. Also, they’ll check your assets in case of purchases and refinances. 

In addition, your work history from two years and proof of ongoing and stable income is traced. They require a credit score of at least 620.

But in certain circumstances, you might still qualify with a 580 credit score when you attend to other application criteria.

Apply on the mobile app

Rocket Mortgage also offers a mobile app application option. The process was designed for you to complete your application online without difficulty quickly.  

So, when applying through the mobile app, you face the same easy steps as when applying through the website. 

You can download the Rocket Mortgage app through the Google Play Store or Apple Store. It offers great online customer service and easy mortgage loan management.

Find other loan options: Chase Mortgage

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Easy application process and full customer service! Source: Freepik

If you don’t think Rocket Mortgage is the right fit for your current situation, we have another option ready for you! 

Chase Mortgage offers a variety of loan types and other products that might be useful for homebuyers.

It normally provides competitive rates and easy online rate shopping. Compare below the details of both products.

Rocket MortgageChase Bank Mortgage
Credit score620620
Loans offeredFixed, Adjustable, FHA, VA, and JumboConventional loan, FHA, VA, Dreamaker℠, and Jumbo
Minimum down paymentIt depends on the loan typeThere are several downpayment options
APRFrom 6.36% to 7.604% (it can vary and depends on the loan type)The APR depends on the loan
TermsUp to 30 yearsThe terms depend on the loan and financial status

If you’re interested in learning more about Chase Mortage, read the following article. We’ll teach you everything about this product and how to apply for it! Let’s go!

Chase Logo

Chase Mortgage: how to apply

Learn how to apply for the Chase Mortgage and start financing your dream house now! Keep reading to learn more!

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