Upstart Personal Loans: how to apply

Applying for a personal loan with Upstart is easy! Learn more about the online application process and find out if you're pre-approved in minutes. Get the money you need today!


Upstart Personal Loans: Prequalify today and get quick funding

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Learn how to apply for the Upstart Personal Loans. Source: The Insider Advisor

Are you interested in learning how to apply for the Upstart Personal Loans? You’re in the right place! This lender offers a simple and fast application and multiple loan options.


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So, if you need quick access to money, Upstart might be just what you need!

Keep reading and learn more about how to apply and the minimum borrowing requirements for getting qualified. Let’s go!

How to apply on the website

The application for the Upstart Personal Loans starts with a prequalification process! Access Upstart’s website and select the “Check Your Rate” option.

Next, you’ll have to answer a series of questions regarding the personal loan you want to apply for, including the loan amount and the purpose of using it.

Additionally, you’ll have to provide your personal information, such as your name, home address, email address, and phone number.

Also, Upstart will require information about your income, including how much money you have in your investment and bank accounts.

After checking if all the information is correct, you can submit it to check your rates. At this point, a soft credit check will be run in your credit history.

If you’re prequalified, you can preview and compare multiple offers with different terms and interest rates.

After choosing the offer that best fits your need, it is time for you to submit your application.

You’ll need to provide proof of income and other requested documents. If approved, the loan amount will be deposited in your account within one business day! Pretty simple.


To be eligible for an Upstart Personal Loan, you’ll need to be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years old.

They’ll also require a valid Social Security number and that you have a full-time job or be starting one in six months.

Although this lender doesn’t have a minimum credit score requirement, there are other factors they consider in the application, including education, job history, and residence.

Furthermore, applicants must have an annual income of at least $12,000.

Find other loan options: Red Arrow Loans

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If you think Upstart Personal Loans is not the right option for you and want to consider more lenders, we’ve got you!

Meet Red Arrow Loans! This personal loans marketplace allows borrowers to use their loans for various purposes and compare the best offer before making a decision!

Also, it considers applicants with lower credit and delivers fast funding. Below, let’s compare Red Arrow Loans and Upstart Personal Loans details to help you with your decision!

Upstart Personal LoansRed Arrow Loans 
Credit ScoreConsiders all types of credit;300 or more;
Loan PurposeDebt consolidations; credit card consolidation, wedding, moving and medical expenses, home repairs, and more;Multiple purposes, including large purchases, consolidating debt, home repairs, and more;
Loan Amounts$1,000 to $50,000;Up to $5,000;
APR5.60% to 35.99%;Not disclosed;
Terms3 or 5-year terms;Up to 12 months;
Origination FeeSee terms;Not disclosed;
Late Fee5% of the past due amount or $15, whichever is greater;N/A;
Early Payoff PenaltyNone.N/A.

Are you interested in learning more about Red Arrow Loans?

Great! The following article will teach you how the application process for this lender works and what are the minimum borrowing requirements! Let’s get started!

Red Arrow Loans Logo

Red Arrow Loans: how to apply

Ready to apply for a loan? Then learn how to apply for the Red Arrow Loans services today! Enjoy fast applications and funding!

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