CMG Financial Mortgage review: wide range of home loans

Get the inside scoop on what to expect with a CMG Financial Mortgage. Minimum down payment as low as 3%. Keep reading to learn more!


CMG Financial Mortgage: a great option for renovation loans

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CMG Financial Mortgage full review. Source: The Insider Advisor

Are you looking for a mortgage? Look no further. Check out our review of CMG Financial Mortgage. Discover what a top lender can offer you!

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CMG Financial Mortgage: how to apply

Learn about the mortgage process and how to apply for a CMG Financial Mortgage. Get started today and enjoy down payments as low as 3%!

CMG Financial is a full-service lender. Here’s what you need to know about their rates, fees, and products. So let’s go!

Credit Score620 or more;
Loans OfferedConventional, Jumbo, Refinance; FHA, VA, USDA loans; Fixed rate, adjustable rates; 
Minimum Down PaymentAs low as 3% for Conventional, 3,5% for FHA;
APRSee terms;
TermsUp to 30 years.

CMG Financial Mortgage review: what you need to know

Achieving homeownership can be tough, especially for those looking for a mortgage! With CMG Financial Mortgage, things can be different!

CMG Financial Mortgage has been operating in the mortgage market since 1993 in Pleasanton, CA.

Since then, it has fully dedicated its customer’s experience.

The lender offers several loan options, such as conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, refinance, and Jumbo.

Also, they offer fixed and adjustable rates. However, you’ll not find further information about interest on the company’s website.

More details

Another feature of CMG Financial Mortgage is its nationwide coverage!

Also, they have some great features, such as crowdsourcing payments and the All In One Loan option.

It is worth mentioning that they offer a government-backed FHA 203(k) renovation loan.

This is one of the best for people looking for credit for renovating their homes.

CMG Financial Mortgage main features

CMG Financial Mortgage main features. Source: Freepik

CMG Financial Mortgage is a top lender in the U.S. that combines great customer support with several loan options.

Also, it is a great option for those looking for the convenience of applying online.

All can do that simply by downloading its app from the mobile store and enjoying its application tool.

But what more do you need to make your choice? See next CMG Financial Mortgage’s pros and cons.


  • Great and functional mobile app;
  • Crowdsourcing downpayment option;
  • Available nationwide;
  • Several loan products are offered;
  • Down payments as low as 3%;
  • Offers FHA 203(k) renovation loans.


  • No home equity loans;
  • Do not disclose interest rates on the webpage;
  • Not so clear about loan costs.

Credit score required to apply

The credit score required to apply for CMG Financial Mortgage depends on the loan type you’re looking for.

First, those interested in conventional loans must have at least a 620 score. For FHA loans, there is a requirement for a credit score as low as 580.

Worth to mention that for a renovation loan option, you must have a credit score of 620 or more!

CMG Financial Mortgage application process: how does it work?

If you’re interested in applying, contact local office personnel or phone.

Also, CMG Financial Mortgage offers a very intuitive online application process through its app. Want more details about how its application works?

The next article will explain everything you need to get the best of CMG Financial Mortgage. So let’s go!

CMG Financial Mortgage logo

CMG Financial Mortgage: how to apply

Learn about the mortgage process and how to apply for a CMG Financial Mortgage. Get started today and enjoy down payments as low as 3%!

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