Cheap Frontier Airlines flights: flights from $19!

Discover how to get the cheapest tickets, bundles and more on Frontier Airlines. Keep reading to learn more!


Frontier Airlines: enjoy an ultra-low-cost airline with over 100 destinations

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Cheap Frontier Airlines flights: flights from $19! Source: Adobe Stock

No news that flying can be expensive. But if you’re planning your next trip, don’t worry! Frontier Airlines cheap flights will make the difference!



Frontier Airlines

Low Fares Online

The ultra-low-cost airline! Find flights from $19.

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Discover how to enjoy cheap airfare with a little planning and research. Frontier is perfect for the flexible traveler to save money. Discover next how!

Frontier Airlines: company overview

Frontier Airlines is based in Denver, Colorado, and is one of the best options for those with flexibility when traveling.

It has more than 100 destinations in the U.S., including international ones to Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic.

Their mission is to make flying affordable, which is seen not only by their website offerings but also by regular customer perks and programs.

You can find flights from $19 when booking by the company’s website and get even more with mileage and other features.

Frontier Airlines: how to find flight promotions and discounts

Frontier Airlines is an ultra-low-cost airline company. This way, you may expect to find the cheapest tickets with them.

It is possible because, with this kind of air company, the low fares don’t include everything like baggage and other fees. 

With that in mind, check this when booking or carrying essential items. Personal baggage fees aren’t high, and they won’t come as a surprise.

Frontier also offers bundle features! This is the best way to save on tickets and still get baggage and conveniences like seat selection and boarding first.

Regular travelers can also have more! The company gives special lowest fares guaranteed, discounts, and more to the Discount Den club members!

Cheap Frontier Airlines flights at flight booking websites

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Cheap Frontier Airlines flights at flight booking websites. Source: Adobe Stock

So far, we’ve shown you how to get the best cheap flights from Frontier Airlines. But did you know that there is more?

You can also search and find cheap Frontier Airlines through other platforms! See below some of them to get the best of Frontier Airlines! is the great opportunity you were looking for! More than 5,000 city destinations worldwide are waiting for you!

Compare several offers, set price alerts, and search the days with the lowest fares. A quick search can save up to 50% on airfare with


Momondo offers a powerful meta-search engine to get the cheapest flights from more than 900 travel sites. All that is just a few clicks away!

Also, they work for those who are looking for cars, stays, and more!

Further, you can find flights from $16 there! Worth a look at what you can find on Momondo.



Frontier Airlines

Low Fares Online

Get the best flights flights from $19!

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Looking for a big deal to make your next trip cheaper?

Look no further! Priceline will be your best friend in booking your tickets, cars, stays, and more!

They are one of the biggest online travel agencies, with thousands of destinations worldwide. And more! You can save up to 50% with its express deals!

How can you buy cheap Frontier Airlines flight tickets?

New Castle, Delaware, U.S - February 14, 2021 - The Frontier Air
How can you buy cheap Frontier Airlines flight tickets? Source: Adobe Stock

After what we’ve covered, there is no doubt that Frontier Airlines is a great option for travelers looking to save money.

Much of that is related to its ultra-low-cost style business. But you should consider more than that if looking for your next trip.

Is it valid to enforce what we’ve covered before that in this kind of company, most of the fees, such as baggage and others, aren’t included in the tickets.

You must include or not baggage and more to enjoy the full experience. But certainly, you’ll not find it difficult.

Through Frontier’s website, you can find your search engine is simple and friendly to use. Let’s check next how to make a booking with Frontier Airlines.

Start with the search tool

Frontier Airlines’ website is direct and intuitive. You’ll find the search tool on top of the front page.

To proceed in your search, simply put where you want to fly, dates of departure and arrival, and more basic info.

One interesting feature is that you can choose between a normal search with prices in dollars or a search in miles.

Well done; after clicking the search button, you’ll be redirected to a list of flights, sorted by cheapest first.



Frontier Airlines

Low Fares Online

Find flights from $19!

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Filter and choose

Note that above the price list, there is a bar showing all the lowest values in the week of the date you chose.

If you’ve flexibility, it’s a chance to choose the cheapest day!

Back to the flight list, it is easy to choose the cheapest one. But you still have a chance to get discounts with their Discount Den.

Joining the Lowest Fare Club, you will have a chance to get even the lowest tickets and fares with Frontier Airlines!

Choosing the best deal for you, or the lowest fare from the club, you be redirected to passenger information.

Booking and payment

Now it’s time to put the traveler’s personal information. They’ll request your name, ID, gender, date of birth, and more to confirm your identity.

Next, you’ll have to provide the payment method. Select the choose one and provide all the requested information.

After that, confirm all you’ve provided and submit it. After that, you’ll receive your flight confirmations via email!

Simple, isn’t it? Now it is time for practice! Start planning your next vacation today!

We hope these tips have helped you! Thanks for reading!



Frontier Airlines

Low Fares Online

Compare options and find cheap flights from $19!

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