Cheap Go First flights: cheap flights from ₹2,149

Discover how to take advantage of India’s top low-cost carrier. Find out its features, cheap deals, and more!


Go First: find the lowest fares from India

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Cheap Go First flights: cheap flights from ₹2,149. Source: Go First

Wondering how to save on your next trip but don’t know how? Wait no more to meet and enjoy  Go First cheap flights!



Go First

Cheap Flights Online

Overnight flights from $₹2,149!

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India’s largest air company is prepared to change the way you travel! Discover how to get cheap flights and save for your next experience with Go First.

Go First: how to find flight promotions and discounts

Traveling can be expensive; we know that. But only if you are not aware of some possibilities! Some air companies like Go First has a solution for this issue!

Save on tickets can mean the difference between fully enjoying a trip or dealing with a broken budget after the holidays!

With a little planning and following some tips, you can turn your next trip even better! Here are the main ways to enjoy Go First Cheap flights.

Book in advance

Getting tickets in advance is a general tip for travelers seeking to save. For instance, you can use that when booking with Go First!

Booking some weeks or even months in advance can enhance the chances of getting a cheap deal or special offer.

The main tip is, if possible, to plan your trip well in advance and get on the marketing for tickets.

With Go First, you can book your tickets just with a few clicks!

Both company’s website and mobile app have a complete tool to search and make your reservations.

Get the best of Economic Class

When booking your next trip with Go First, you can choose between GoBusiness and GoEconomy class tickets.

It seems obvious to choose the Economic class to save money, giving up amenities and even part of the comfort of the trip.

However, this is not true with Go First! Its policies aligned with the best customer experience ensure travelers get advantages with all classes.

Choose to fly in economics, still getting benefits like pre-book amenities, extra ample leg space, a budget-friendly baggage policy, and more!

Cheapest day cover

Cheerful woman using mobile phone in airplane
Go First: how to find flight promotions and discounts. Source: Freepik

Alongside buying in advance, this is the best tool for travelers who want to save on air tickets.

Once you get on Go First’s website or mobile app and do your search for tickets, this tool will appear at the top of the screen.

It will display the lowest prices on the days before and after which you researched your ticket.

Make sure to make your choice by balancing price and convenience. It will be perfect for travelers who have flexibility with dates!

Take a budget-friendly baggage policy

The budget-friendly baggage policy of the company makes the difference!

Passengers are allowed to take cabin baggage of 7kg and 115cm in total length. Also, checked baggage of 15kg can be taken with no further costs.

It will change depending on domestic or overseas flights. In the second case, each ticket brings 2 checked baggage weighing 15kg for free.

Just make sure to keep your baggage under the limits to avoid dealing with unexpected expenses and keep your tickets as cheap as possible!

If you need, you can still book your tickets with additional baggage directly on the website or mobile app!

Exclusive discounts

Beyond being one of India’s best low-cost air companies, Go First have special discounts and offers periodically through its website.

Furthermore, they have permanent discounts for senior citizens, students, and serving or retired military.

If you fall into one of these groups, you can take advantage of discounts starting at 8% on fares.

Look for “Offers and Promotion” on its website and check the detailed information!

On the other hand, you can still enjoy the bundle options for cars, hotels, and more. You should consider Go First to buy air tickets for your next trip!



Go First

Cheap Flights Online

Plan you next vacation with flights from $₹2,149!

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Cheap Go First flights at flight booking websites

You can already find great deals and offers through the Go First online platforms: both website and mobile app!

But you never lose by searching in multiple places when it comes to saving!

Thinking about that, we cover next other online platforms to get Go First cheap tickets and deals.


Are you looking for an easy way to find deals on airfare, promotions, and more? Then, you should try Wego!

The company has been operating since 2005, offering a simple and intuitive search tool, price alerts, and the best offers for everyone!


EaseMyTrip is one of India’s online travel agencies: a powerful search tool, affordable options, and a bundle are just a few advantages for the traveler.

Enjoy a new way to book your air tickets! Get cheap deals, discounts, and coupons to book with EasyMyTrip.


Skyscanner is a travel aggregator where you can find flights, cars, and hotels for several destinations worldwide!

Its powerful meta-search engine and intuitive search tool will make the difference to help you save on your next trip.

Get the best deals on Go First tickets on Skyscanner!



Go First

Cheap Flights Online

Find flights, stays and more! Tickets from $₹2,149!

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How can you buy cheap Go First flight tickets?

Booking tickets online is undoubtedly a global reality and one of the advantages of internet connectivity and mobile technology.

But some companies may not yet be very familiar with these tools. That doesn’t happen with Go First!

Its web platform is completely adapted to be intuitive and towards a better customer experience.

You can easily book your flights and more; we’ll show how in the next lines!

Searching your tickets

Are you in the market for booking your next flight? Then you came to the right place! Let’s find out how to get the best deals with Go First!

First, once on Go First’s website, you will find a search tool at the top of the page. It’s very intuitive to find your next destination!

Fill up the spaces choosing between the available 28 destinations and from where you plan to get a flight.

Further, indicate if you looking for a one-way or round-trip, dates, and how many passengers will fly. Click the “Go” button, and your search will be done!

You will be redirected to a page with all available offers to your intended destination. A list of flights will appear for you to choose from.

Getting the best deals

traveling luggage in airport terminal building with passenger plane flying over runway
Getting the best deals. Source: Freepik

You will notice that several options will be displayed. Prices will vary from flight to flight, in many cases accordingly to the schedule of the day.

In addition, it is common that flights with more convenient times and non-stop can be cheaper.

Further, if you have flexibility with dates, take a look at the calendar above the main offers!

It indicates the cheapest fares a few days before and after your chosen one.

Make a decision based on the balance between price and convenience. Sometimes, with a little flexibility, you can save a lot on tickets!

Booking and payment

For now, just check the information of the flight you choose; note that there will be some fees, including a convenience fee for online transactions.

If everything is okay, select “Continue.” It will redirect to finish the passenger details as name, number, e-mail, and emergency contacts.

By filling out your e-mail, you can also choose to get alerts of promotions and offers! It can be great and can be very useful to save on your next trip.

Next step, you’ll have a chance to get some extra features, such as meals or seats. Continue to get into the payment options and finish your reservation!

If everything is okay until here, you’ll be just a few clicks away from your next flight! Once your reservation is confirmed, you’ll receive an alert.



Go First

Cheap Flights Online

Fly on a budget! Tickets starting at $₹2,149!

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Go First: company overview

Go First is a low one of the most known Indian brands and a low-cost air company with several destinations in the country.

The country’s largest air company is headquartered and founded and operated by the Wadia Group.

Your operations started in 2005, one year after your foundation.

Its main compromise is to get the best consumer service while remaining affordable and accessible to the common person as a low-cost carrier!

When you fly with Go First, you can choose from 28 destinations, 24 domestic and 4 international flights.

Bottom line

Furthermore, you can take advantage of getting one of the two classes of tickets: GoBusiness and GoEconomy.

If you plan your next trip to a top Indian destination, you should consider getting a chance on Go First.

Enjoy the best deals and comfort even in economy class! Safe travel!



Go First

Cheap Flights Online

Night flights from $₹2,149! Intuitive seach tool!

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