Mortgage Passport review: rates, fees and more

Learn about the main features of the Mortgage Passport mortgage. Qualify for no cost loan options and more! Keep reading and find out!


Mortgage Passport: a lender specializing in refinancing

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Read this Mortgage Passport review and learn more! Source: The Insider Advisor

Are you in the market for a new mortgage? If so, our Mortgage Passport full review is worth looking into. This lender has a straightforward process that will help you refinance your loan fast.

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Mortgage Passport: how to apply

Are you wondering how to apply for Mortgage Passport? Then read on and learn how. Enjoy no-cost loan options and a simple online application.

So keep reading to learn more about Mortgage Passport. We’ll cover all your questions, including rates, loan options, and more. Then let’s get started.

Credit Score740 or higher;
Loans OfferedFixed-rate conventional and jumbo refinance loans;
Minimum Down PaymentNot disclosed;
APRNot disclosed;
Terms15 and 30 years.

Mortgage Passport review: what you need to know

Navigating through a home loan process can be overwhelming and full of tricky decisions. But trust me; it doesn’t have to be this way. And Mortgage Passport is here to help you with that.

This lender is a Third Federal Savings & Loans division, which has been in the market since 1938. It is available in 20 U.S. states, including the District of Columbia.

Since it is specialized in mortgage refinancing, they aim to make the process easy and affordable. Borrowers will find low and no-closing costs mortgage options.

With conventional and jumbo refinancing options, Mortgage Passport delivers repayment terms of 15 and 30 years. Additionally, customers can count on $0 closing costs on no-cost loans.

Despite claiming to have a simple loan refinancing process, Mortgage Passport lacks when it comes to further details. Thus, they are not very clear about rates and other related costs.

Mortgage Passport main features

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Explore Mortgage Passport main features. Source: FreePik

If you’re interested in refinancing your mortgage online and saving money, then Mortgage Passport might be what you’re looking for!

But before deciding, you must analyze all the details of this lender. After all, you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money, do you?

Therefore, we’ve compiled the pros and cons of refinancing with this company. Check it below and make a more informed decision!


  • Straightforward application process;
  • This lender offers no costs loan options;
  • Full digital application experience;
  • Borrowers can count on excellent customer support.


  • Requires a very good credit score;
  • No-cost loans are not available in New York;
  • Lack of rate and fee transparency.

Credit score required to apply

As said, Mortgage Passport is a lender specializing in mortgage refinancing. Customers can count on fixed-rate conventional and jumbo refinancing options.

As a result, if you want to qualify for this lender, you must have a very good credit score, meaning you’re only eligible with a minimum of 740.

Mortgage Passport application process: how does it work?

Mortgage Passport aims to make the refinancing process as smooth as possible. You can complete your application online and count on great customer service.

Do you want to learn more about how to apply for this lender? Then keep reading our following article to find out. We’ll explain everything you need to learn.

Mortgage Passport logo

Mortgage Passport: how to apply

Are you wondering how to apply for Mortgage Passport? Then read on and learn how. Enjoy no-cost loan options and a simple online application.

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