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Netspend® Prepaid Card review: rates, pros and cons

Looking for a prepaid card? Check out our Netspend® Prepaid Card review! Earn cash back on select merchants. Apply with no credit check!


Netspend® Prepaid Card: Cash back on select merchants, no credit check

Netspend® Prepaid Card
Netspend® Prepaid Card review! Source: The Insider Advisor

You may come across multiple options if you’re looking for a prepaid debit card. Therefore, to help you make the best choice, here we have a Netspend® Prepaid Card review.

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Learn how to apply for the Netspend® Prepaid Card

Want to apply for the Netspend® Prepaid Card? This guide will tell you everything. Earn cash back rewards! No activation fee!

In this post, we’ll break down all details, including the pros and cons, so you can decide if it’s the right fit. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Credit ScoreNo credit check is required;
Annual FeeIncludes a variable monthly fee of up to $5.95;
Regular APR$0;
Welcome bonusN/A;
RewardsCash back rewards on select merchants.

All you need to know about the Netspend® Prepaid Card

Netspend® Prepaid Card is a reloadable debit card that delivers customers convenience and easy control of their money.

It is a secure debit card for anyone with no credit history or bank account.

Netspend delivers two plans for clients. The Monthly Plan allows cardholders to make unlimited deposits for one monthly fee.

And the Pay-As-You-Go Plan is perfect for clients who will not use their cards frequently. This way, they can avoid a monthly fee and pay only when they use their cards.

Additionally, customers can load their cards nationwide since Netspend offers 130,000 reload locations in the U.S.

Also, the maximum balance of the Netspend® Prepaid Card is $15,000. Cardholders have a daily load limit of $7,500.

Netspend charges up to $5.95 per charge on both plans. However, loading the card using Mobile Check Load will cost up to 5% or a $5 fee.

ATM withdrawals will also cost you. Therefore, there’s no free way to withdraw money with Netspend.

In addition, there is an inactivity fee of $5.95 per month if you haven’t used your card in the past 90 days.

Furthermore, this prepaid debit card requires no application fee or minimum balance!

And cardholders can enjoy nationwide acceptance and benefits from both Visa and Mastercard networks.

Netspend clients can enjoy cash-back rewards on purchases from select merchants. They can activate it through Netspend Rewards Page.

Netspend® Prepaid Card details

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Compare Netspend® Prepaid Card advantages and disadvantages! Source: Adobe Stock

Prepaid debit cards are a great way to stay out of interest rates and to get easy access to your money! However, diving into the card’s details is important before applying.

To help you with that, here we have a great comparison of the pros and cons of the Netspend® Prepaid Card! Let’s take a look! 


  • Netspend offers flexible plans: Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly Plans;
  • This card requires no minimum balance;
  • Charges no interest rates, cash advance, or late payment fees;
  • Free and online application process;
  • Access a high-yield savings account;
  • Enjoy cash-back rewards on select merchants.


  • Potential high fees for most card transactions;
  • Netspend offers no free network for cash reloads or withdrawals;
  • Charges and inactivity fee if you didn’t use your card in 90 days.

What is the credit score necessary to apply?

Netspend® Prepaid Card is a wonderful product for anyone who had trouble with credit in the past! Since this is a relatable debit card, it requires no credit check!

However, this debit card won’t help increase your credit score!

Learn how to get the Netspend® Prepaid Card

You can apply for the Netspend® Prepaid Card online! The application is simple, and you can get your card with a few steps!

So, keep reading if you’re interested in applying! The following article will teach you how the application process works!

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Learn how to apply for the Netspend® Prepaid Card

Want to apply for the Netspend® Prepaid Card? This guide will tell you everything. Earn cash back rewards! No activation fee!

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