PrimeLending Mortgage review: Over 400 loan options

Check out our PrimeLending Mortgage review to see if it's the best fit for you. Get personalized rates and buy your dream home! Keep reading for more!


PrimeLending Mortgage: enjoy purchase, refinance, and renovation loans

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PrimeLending Mortgage full review! Source: The Insider Advisor

This PrimeLending Mortgage review has everything your need to know about this lender. It offers easy application and more!

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PrimeLending Mortgage: how to apply

Learn how to easily for PrimeLending Mortgage. Enjoy a straightforward process and several loan options! Stick around and learn more!

Keep reading to learn more about its main features! We’ll cover all the details you need! Then let’s get started!

Credit Score620 or higher;
Loans OfferedFixed, Adjustable-rate; Refinance, Conventional and Jumbo; FHA, VA, USDA; New Construction, Down Payment Assistance;
Minimum Down PaymentAs low as 3%;
APRSee terms;
Terms15 to 30-year terms.

PrimeLending Mortgage review: what you need to know

A home purchase is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make. To get over that, you can count on the help of PrimeLending Mortgage.

For more than 30 years, this lender has offered solutions to help borrowers purchase or refinance their homes!

Therefore, its solutions include FHA, VA, USDA, and Jumbo, beyond the possibility of refinancing with its loan products.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning they offer an opportunity for those who intend to construct their dream home with New Construction loans!

Despite announcing competitive rates, the lender chooses a more personalized approach. Thus, you must contact them for further information.

PrimeLending Mortgage main features

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PrimeLending Mortgage main features! Source: Adobe Stock

The homeownership journey can be challenging! Knowing all the options, you can play on the game is the best way to make it easier!

Undoubtedly, easy and online prequalification and application play an important role when choosing a mortgage.

Also, you can expect exactly that from PrimeLending Mortgage!

Next, we explain the many benefits of taking advantage of PrimeLending Mortgage! So check out the company’s pros and cons we’ve brought.


  • Both prequalification and application full online;
  • Many loan products;
  • Available in all the U.S.


  • Lack of rate transparency in rates on the website;
  • Closing cannot be made online.

Credit score required to apply

As we have mentioned, PrimeLending mortgage opts for a personalized experience for its clients.

And when it comes to credit eligibility, this lender requires a minimum score of 620 of its applicants.

Still, you might qualify with lower credit for other products. So remember to check their conditions!

PrimeLending Mortgage application process: how does it work?

This PrimeLending Mortgage review has brought an option that offers a great customer experience for those looking for a mortgage.

Also, it can be seen by its full online application process!

Do you want more details on how their application work? Then don’t waste more time and keep reading our next article!

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PrimeLending Mortgage: how to apply

Learn how to easily for PrimeLending Mortgage. Enjoy a straightforward process and several loan options! Stick around and learn more!

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