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Bank Of America Mortgage, rate transparency, and full digital application


When it comes to mortgages, Bank of America is a name that always comes up! They’re one of the biggest banks in the U.S. and offer a wide variety of mortgage products. With competitive interest rates, this lender has lower down payment requirements and multiple tools to help applicants through their mortgage application. This might be a great opportunity to finally buy the home of your dreams with the Bank of America mortgage support!


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So what are you waiting for? Apply now and get the money you need! If you want more details about the Bank of America Mortgage, check below for more benefits this lender offers!

Full digital preapproval and application process;
Qualifying borrowers can enjoy America’s Home Grant and get closing costs assistance;
Manage your mortgage online;
Enjoy interest rate transparency.

You will remain in the same website

Bank of America delivers a wide variety of home loans for new borrowers. Therefore, customers can choose between conventional loans and jumbo loans. Government-backed loans, including VA and FHA. Also, cash-and-terms, cash-out refinancing, and home equity line of credit (HELOC). Furthermore, the options include fixed and adjustable-rate with up to 30 years terms.

Bank of American Mortgage requires a minimum credit score of 620 for a conventional loan. Nevertheless, since this lender has multiple loan options, the minimum credit score required might vary. Also, the minimum down payment is as low as 3% of the property price.

Bank of America has a simple and fast application process. Customers can do it through the website and get prequalified easily. They’ll need to provide basic information, including full name, home address, email address, and Social Security number. Furthermore, applicants can also submit all the required documentation online. The preapproval and closing timelines will vary depending on the requirements and other factors. Lastly, customers can check their application status and manage their mortgages through their Bank of America accounts.

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Bank of America Mortgage: how to apply

Learn how to apply for the Bank of America Mortgage! Prequalify online and start your homebuying process today! Let’s go!

BNC National Bank Mortgage is another great option for homeownership. With multiple loan options, this lender delivers great online service and specialized customer support.  

The following article will provide more details about this lender, including the application process and the minimum requirements! Keep reading for more information!

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BNC National Bank Mortgage: how to apply

Learn how to apply for the BNC National Bank Mortgage! Easy and simple application! Get personalized support! Read on for more information!

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