Buy your dream home and pay no hidden fees

Better Mortgage, full-digital service, access to lower minimum down payments


Needing to finance your dream home but don’t know where to start? Then Better Mortgage can help you make this dream come true! This lender offers multiple mortgage options, including fixed and adjustable rates with up to 30-year terms. Additionally, borrowers can easily access customized mortgage rates and great customer support!


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Great perks, right? Better Mortgage is a perfect option for anyone looking for fast and accessible support and rate transparency! Let’s see what else this lender offers!

Lock today’s rate with Buying Guarantee;
24/7 support until the mortgage closing;
Pay no lender’s fee;
Estimate your monthly mortgage payments!

You will remain in the same website

Better offers multiple loan options to cardholders. Therefore, they can choose between conventional, jumbo, FHA, and fixed- and adjustable-rate loans. Also, they offer rate-and-term and cash-out refinancing and bridge loans.

The minimum borrowing requirements will vary depending on the loan you apply for. Nevertheless, for a conventional loan, Better requires a minimum credit score of 620 and a minimum down payment of as little as 3%. Yet, if the down payment is less than 20%, borrowers must pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI). Also, applicants must have no more than a 50% debt-to-income ratio.

Better Mortgage is an online lender. Therefore, you can only apply for this lender through the Better website. You can upload all the requested documents online and e-sign almost all the closing documents. Also, Better provides great customer service so applicants can receive 24/7 support by phone or email throughout the application process.

Better displays its mortgage rates on its website. The APR is updated multiple times a day. Also, you can get personalized rates. Therefore, you’ll need to sign up for emails from Better. They’ll send you mortgage news and promotions.

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Better Mortgage: how to apply

Learn how to apply for the Better Mortgage and achieve homeownership! Pay no hidden fees and estimate your monthly down payments.

If you think Better Mortgage isn’t the right choice for you, don’t worry! Meet Rocket Mortgage, a lender that offers a variety of loan options and a user-friendly mobile app to borrowers.

Also, you can qualify even with lower credit! Keep reading to learn more about Rocket Mortgage and how to apply for it. In the next article, we’ll explain all you need to know.

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Rocket Mortgage: how to apply

Interested in this mortgage loan? So let’s take a look at how to apply for the Rocket Mortgage. Keep reading and apply today!

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