Looking for a great way to get some extra cash? Check out the Earned Income Tax Credit and learn how to get the most out of it!

Earned Income Tax Credit: an excellent way to save money from your taxes


Are you a full-time working individual or family in the United States? If so, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) could be a valuable tax benefit. It’s one of the biggest programs that put extra money into people’s pockets each year and can make all the difference in making ends meet and achieving financial stability. Discover how to apply for today!


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Tax season is upon us, and while taxes can often be a dreaded task, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) may provide some welcome relief. Discover how next!

Credit gives back up to $6,000 from taxes in some cases;
Some states enhance the money back from your federal tax returns;
EITC is available for all 50 states;
Easy to claim – you only need to file your normal tax return;

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You should start claiming your benefit by checking out your eligibility through the IRS website. It is an easy process, and you only have to answer a questionnaire that informs you about your eligibility. Next, once you have made your annual tax declaration, you can request your tax credit back. Note that amounts have limits and other details that you can check on the EITC page on the IRS website.

Eligibility requirements depend on the financial situation of individuals and/or couples. You must know that the presence of not of dependents and children declared will change them, as well as other criteria described by the program. Basic requirements include having work and income, a social security number, and citizenship criteria. To know more, check the EITC page on the IRS website.

The amount you can get back as credit is linked to the program’s eligibility criteria. In 2022, for example, the values varied between $560 to $6935. If you have one or more children, you’ll be closer to the higher values eligible by the program, despite you can claim it even if you haven’t kids or any dependents.

Yes! According to the program criteria, the money returned from your taxes will be higher if you have more kids until a 3-children limit. But keep in mind that some limits are set with a relation between your maximum income and the number of children. Maximum amounts are higher for married people too! To know more, on the IRS website, there is a tool to calculate how much you can receive based on this information and indicate if you’re eligible.

EITC Earned income tax credit calculations on the page.

Learn how to apply for Earned Income Tax Credit

Find out if you're eligible and learn how to apply for the Earned Income Tax Credit. A tax refund that could put more money in your pocket.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) written on a paper.

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