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First Access Visa® Credit Card, qualify and build a credit score


Looking for a new credit card to help you improve your credit history? Then the First Access Visa® Credit Card might be just what you need. It accepts applicants with lower credit and offers an easy and fast application process. Great, isn’t it? Also, with a $300 credit limit, it will help you improve your score without hurting your budget!


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Check out the main perks of the First Access Visa® Credit Card!

Enjoy a credit card feature by Visa;
Easy and quick application process;
Bad credit accepted;
Manage your account easily through the mobile app.

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First Access Visa®: A Foothold for Building Credit

Looking to take your first step towards a healthy credit score, even with some bumps in your past? The First Access Visa® might be your stepping stone! Let’s unpack its features:


  • Open door for credit newbies: Even poor credit scores can qualify, offering a chance to rebuild.
  • Fast track to approval: Simple and quick application process.
  • No deposit hurdle: Ditch the security deposit requirement.


  • Modest limit: Starts with a low $300 credit limit, potentially restricting purchases.
  • Reward wasteland: No cashback, welcome bonuses, or perks to sweeten the deal.
  • Fee frenzy: Prepare for a one-time program fee after approval, plus a monthly service fee that kicks in after the first year.
  • Interest sting: High 34.99% APR can trap you in debt quickly if not used responsibly.
  • Geographic restrictions: US-only use, no international transactions.
First Access credit card

Learn how to apply for the First Access Visa® Card

Want to apply for the First Access Visa® Card? Read on, learn how the application works and start enjoying the benefits right now!

Flexible requirements! Apply with bad or fair scores, as long as you reach the minimum of 300.

The application process is quick and easy, accessible online or through the First Access app.

Unfortunately, this card focuses solely on building credit, offering no cashback or rewards programs.

Yes, expect a one-time program fee at approval and a monthly service fee starting in the second year.

The First Access Visa® can be a valuable tool for credit newbies due to its open eligibility and ease of application. However, the high fees, lack of rewards, and modest credit limit require careful consideration. Compare options and prioritize building a healthy financial future! Remember, responsible credit use is key!

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