Don't let the APR scare you away! This card hides some tempting perks behind its high rates.

Mercury® Mastercard® card, get approved with fair credit and pay no annual fee


Want to save money on fees? Then I have the credit card you need. The Mercury® Mastercard® card offers lower fees and charges an $0 annual fee. Isn’t that great? In addition, you can raise your credit while making purchases. Plus, you can have the chance to qualify even with fair credit!


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This card might be a financial chameleon: blending no annual fees with fierce APRs. It doesn't shower you with rewards, but it whispers promises of building credit through three major bureaus, guarding your identity with Mastercard® protection, and offering payment safety nets. That’s right! Interested? See what else the Mercury® Mastercard® may offer you!

Pay no security deposit;
Card reports your payments to three major bureaus;
Get Mastercard ID theft protection;
Enjoy Zero fraud liability.

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Look closer: zero annual fee meets sky-high APRs. While it lacks dazzling rewards or welcome bonuses, it offers solid benefits like credit reporting boost to three bureaus, Mastercard® ID theft shield, and even payment protection options. Zero fraud liability adds peace of mind. But beware, the high APR can leave a lasting sting. Before applying, unravel the tangled threads of pros and cons to find your credit card soulmate.


  • No annual fee
  • Reports to the three major credit bureaus
  • Mastercard® ID theft protection
  • Payment protection plan
  • Zero fraud liability


  • High APRs
  • No welcome bonuses or rewards
  • Invitation required to apply
Mercury® Mastercard® credit card

Learn how to apply for the Mercury® Mastercard®

Want to enjoy a credit card with no annual fee and raise your credit? Then read this article and learn how to apply for the Mercury® Mastercard® card now!

This card hides some tempting perks behind its high rates. Look closer: no annual fee, your credit soars on three major bureaus, and Mastercard® ID theft protection watches your back. Plus, you can join a payment protection plan and enjoy zero fraud liability. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

It’s ideal for: Individuals who value fee-free cards and building credit, people who appreciate Mastercard® security features and users who occasionally need cash advances, balance transfers, or foreign transactions.

By making on-time payments and keeping your balance low, your credit score may improve as the card reports your activity to major bureaus.

Applying for the Mercury® Mastercard® card may be more complex than the usual credit cards. You can only apply if you receive an offer in your email. Once you get your invitation, you can respond online. You’ll be redirected to the Mercury Card’s website.

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