One-way flights from $16

Momondo, save 34% on your next flight and discover the world


Momondo is what you’re looking for to help you save on your next travel! This meta-search engine will show you the lowest fares based on your travel needs! You can find flights from $16 on their website. Yes! It is that cheap! So there is no excuse! Access their platform and start planning your dream vacation today!


You will remain in the same website

Momondo will help you fly more and pay less! So don't wait any longer! Check below four reasons to use this platform!

Find flights, car rentals, stays, and more;
Compare several airlines' offers at once;
Access information from 900+ travel websites;
Buy cheap flights based on your personal needs!

You will remain in the same website

No. Momondo is not a direct seller. This platform was built to help travelers easily access the best flight deals in one place. As a result, it gathers information from other travel websites and airlines and displays it! You can use this platform without costs, and once you’ve chosen your flight, you’ll be redirected to the airline’s official website. You’ll have to provide additional information and payment method to complete your ticket purchase.

If you’re looking for cheap flight tickets, Momondo is what you need! This meta-search engine will help you find cheap flights according to your travel and personal needs! You can find one-way flights from $16 and pay over 34% less on your next travel! This platform allows you to explore several options and prices. This way, you can find the cheapest flight and save your hard-earned money!

Momondo provides a very intuitive and simple platform. You just need to access their official website or mobile app and fill out a small form with your travel information. These include destination and departure location, travel dates, number of bags and passengers, and flight class. After that, according to this information, you’ll access a list with the best prices. You can also set the search tool based on airports, flight time and duration, and other features!

Momondo’s search engine will find flights according to your personal needs. However, you can sort your search according to Cheapest, Quickest, and Best flights. The cheapest ones will display the lowest prices first. However, they often provide longer flights with more layovers. The Quickest flights will display the ones that will get you to your destination as fast as possible. Lastly, the Best flights will provide a list with the best balance between flight time and prices!

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Momondo: learn how to buy cheap flights

Are you interested in learning how to buy cheap flights at Momondo? We've got you! Find low fares and save 34% or more on your next adventure!

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