An unsecured credit card that will help you rebuild your credit!

Credit Card Reflex Mastercard® – Unsecured credit card with credit limit.


Are you looking for a way to build your credit score, but don’t want to pay a security deposit? The Unsecured Reflex Mastercard® is all you need. This credit card does not require a security deposit and will grant a good credit limit. Enjoy peace of mind with fraud protection, and manage your account online.


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Build (or Rebuild) Your Credit with the Reflex Mastercard®. This card is a starter card specifically designed for individuals with limited or bad credit. Issued by Celtic Bank and managed by Continental Finance, it aims to help you establish or rebuild your credit history responsibly. See what the Reflex Mastercard® has to offer!

Unsecured Credit Card
Credit limit available
Improves your credit score
Good approval rates

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The Reflex Mastercard® is a starter card specifically designed for individuals with limited or bad credit. Issued by Celtic Bank and managed by Continental Finance, it aims to help you establish or rebuild your credit history responsibly.

Key Features:

  • Open to All Credit: No matter your current credit, you can apply and pre-qualify without impacting your score.
  • Growing Credit Limit: Start with a credit limit up to $1,000, with the potential to double it to $2,000 by making on-time payments for six months.
  • Monthly Reporting: Build your credit with monthly payment reports to the three major credit bureaus.
  • Nationwide Acceptance: Enjoy the convenience of Mastercard® with widespread acceptance across the country.
  • Zero Fraud Liability: Protect yourself from unauthorized purchases with Mastercard®’s fraud protection.


  • Annual Fee: Be aware of the annual fee associated with the card.
  • High APR: The variable APR (24.99% – 29.99%) can be expensive if you carry a balance.
  • Free Credit Score: Access your free Vantage 3.0 credit score from Experian to monitor your progress.

Credit Card

How to apply?

Reflex Credit Card

Learn how to apply and increase your credit limit up to $800!

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The Reflex Mastercard® Credit Card delivers a simple application process. First, new applicants must prequalify for this card. Plus, they can pre-qualify with no hard inquiry! Therefore, they must provide their basic information, including full name, email and home address, phone number, income, and Social Security Number. After filling out the pre-qualification form, they can submit it and wait for the result. Pretty simple, right? Follow our steps and get closer of your new credit card.

After applying and getting approved for the Reflex Mastercard® Credit Card, you will receive your brand new credit card and the Reflex welcome materials within 3 business days in the mail! Furthermore, after receiving your card, you must activate it online.

Reflex Mastercard® delivers a useful Online Banking Service through which cardholders can easily manage their credit card accounts. They can use on the website or through the mobile app. This service allows customers to make payments, receive online statements, view transactions and payment history, and even check their balance. Customers can access this service 24/7 by logging in to their Reflex accounts! The Online Banking service is simple, fast, and very useful!

Yes, the Reflex Credit Card reports your payments to the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. This reporting can help you establish a positive credit history over time.

Absolutely! With responsible card usage, you have the opportunity to double your credit limit within six months. This feature rewards your responsible financial habits and can increase your purchasing power.

The Reflex Credit Card is a Mastercard, which means it is accepted nationwide. You can use it at various merchants, online platforms, and wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Zero Fraud Liability means you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized charges if your Reflex Credit Card is lost or stolen. This feature offers you peace of mind and protection against fraudulent transactions.

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