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Revvi Card review: rates, pros and cons

Having trouble raising your credit? We have the perfect card for you! Revvi Card will help you improve your ratings and give you 1% cash back. Read this full review and learn more about it!


Revvi Card: Raise your rates and get 1% cash back 

Revvi card
Revvi Card full review. Source: Revvi

The Revvi Card is perfect if you have trouble improving your credit score. This credit card was designed for anyone looking for an unsecured credit card with a quick and easy application.

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Apply for the Revvi Card: find out how

Revvi Card is the perfect option for people with not-so-goo credit. It reports your payments to 3 bureaus and offers you 1% Cash Back. Fast and easy application!

Also, it provides you with a 1% cash back reward. Wondering whether the Revvi Card is suitable for you? Read our review and learn the details you need to decide if it’s a good choice.

Credit ScoreAt least 300
Annual Fee$75 1st year. $48 annually after
Regular APR34.99% for purchases and cash advances
Welcome bonusThis card offers no welcome bonus
Rewards1% cash back in payments after 6 months

All you need to know about the Revvi Card

Increase your score and get 1% cash back with Revvi Card. Source: Adobe Stock

Revvi Card begins with a great benefit: it helps you to improve your credit score. Monthly, it reports all your payments to 3 major credit bureaus so you can increase your ratings.

In addition, the credit card offers a 1% cash back reward on payments. You can redeem your earnings through the mobile app 6 months after opening your account.

Revvi Card charges a one-time “Program Fee” of $89 and has a regular APR of 34,99%. Also, it charges an annual fee of $75 in the first year and $48 after.

In the first year, Revvi doesn’t have a monthly fee. However, if you decide to keep the card, a $6.25 monthly fee is charged starting the second year from account opening.

Once you are approved, you’ll get a $300 limit to start. In the first month, you will only have a $225 limit since the annual fee is deducted from your card.

After 12 months, you can request a higher limit.

Revvi Card details

Revvi Card account is issued by MRV Banks. Although it offers an easy application process, this card may not include many benefits. Check below the credit card’s pros and cons.


  • Get 1% cash back in payments;
  • Raise your credit score with monthly payment reports to major credit bureaus;
  • Quick and easy application and response;
  • Manage your account through a user-friendly mobile app;
  • You won’t need a perfect credit score to apply.


  • Higher APR rate on purchases; 
  • Charges an $89 activation fee;
  • Charges an annual fee of $48;
  • Cashback is only redeemable after 6 months.

What is the credit score necessary to apply?

As previously said, Revvi Card is a great way to improve your credit score. Consequently, to qualify for this card, you won’t need perfect credit.

To apply for the Revvi Card, you must have a FICO score of at least 300. Once you are approved, you can start building a good score.

Learn how to get the Revvi Card

Now that you know all the features of the Revvi Card, it’s time for you to learn how easy and fast applying for this card is. Read the article below and learn more about the application process.

Revvi card

Apply for the Revvi Card: find out how

Revvi Card is the perfect option for people with not-so-goo credit. It reports your payments to 3 bureaus and offers you 1% Cash Back. Fast and easy application!

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