Rocket Mortgage review: Meet the full digital home loan

Looking for a new digital home loan to finance your dream house? Then read the Rocket Mortgage review and see if it’s good for you!


Rocket Mortgage: Qualify with lower credit and manage your account online

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Read the full Rocket Mortgage review. Source: Rocket Mortage

Do you want to buy a new house but are still unsure about the mortgage you’re applying for? Here we are to help you with the Rocket Mortgage review!

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Rocket Mortgage: how to apply

Interested in this mortgage loan? So let’s take a look at how to apply for the Rocket Mortgage. Keep reading and apply today!

In this article, you’ll learn the Rocket Mortgage rates, term lengths, down payment, and more! So keep reading to find out whether this loan is right for you or not!

Credit score620
Loans offeredFixed, Adjustable, FHA, VA, and Jumbo
Minimum down paymentIt depends on the loan type
APRFrom 6.36% to 7.604% (it can vary and depends on the loan type)
TermsUp to 30 years

Rocket Mortgage review: what you need to know

Rocket Mortgage is one of the major online lending services in the U.S. It is a great option for homebuyers with lower credit history looking for rate transparency! 

It offers various loan types for its applicants, such as Fixed-rate, Adjustable-rate,  FHA, VA, and Jumbo.

There is also YOURgage, a specialized loan that allows you to choose repayment terms, usually from 8 to 29 years.

However, you can only access the APR rates once you pre-qualify and submit your application.

Besides the loan types, Rock Mortgage also offers refinancing and cash-out refinancing for homeowners.

The terms will vary depending on which type of loan you apply for. The average terms can range from 8 to 29 years, with the 15-year and 30-year typical terms included.

The Rock Mortgage offers a relatively low down payment for most of its loans. Nevertheless, when it comes to the VA home loan, it can reach as low as 0%. 

Although this lender currently operates in Detroit, Clevland, and Phoenix, it loans to all U.S. borrowers through its fully digital experience.

Rocket Mortgage main features

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Compare Rocket Mortgage’s main features! Source: Freepik

Now that you know the Rocket Mortgage functions, it is time to compare this mortgage loan’s advantages and disadvantages. See the full details below!


  • Online application process;
  • Offers a good variety of loan options for homebuyers;
  • It provides a user-friendly mobile app;
  • Get daily full customer service;


  • Lines of credit, home equity loans, or HELOCs are not offered;
  • In-person services are not available;
  • Opting for personalized interest rates will require a credit check, which can affect your score.

Credit score required to apply

The minimum credit score required for the Rocket Mortgage application is 680. However, applicants with a 580 credit score are still considered as long as they meet other eligibility criteria.

Rocket Mortgage application process: how does it work?

Applying for Rocket Mortgage is easy and quick. The process is fully online, and you can know if you qualify in minutes.

So if you’re interested in Rocket Mortgage, read the next article! We’ll explain the application process in detail!

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Rocket Mortgage: how to apply

Interested in this mortgage loan? So let’s take a look at how to apply for the Rocket Mortgage. Keep reading and apply today!

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