Cheap Southwest Airlines flights: get multiple deals and flights from $69.99!

If you are looking for cheap Southwest Airlines flights, you can find them here. This guide shows all the secrets to help you find low fares, discounts, and more! Keep reading to learn how!


Southwest Airlines: discover several destinations with flights from $69.99!

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Learn where to find cheap Southwest Airlines flights. Source: The Insider Advisor

Are you looking for a way to travel without breaking the bank? Don’t worry! We are here to teach you how to find Southwest Airlines cheap flights.



Southwest Airlines

low fares flight deals

Find flights from $69.99 and earn points with the Rapid Rewards program!

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Keep reading to learn how to take advantage of these amazing airline flight deals and make your next vacation affordable and memorable. Let’s get started.

Southwest Airlines: how to find flight promotions and discounts

Travelling can be expensive, especially when buying flights, stays, and other related expenses. But with Southwest Airlines, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

This company has been in the market for about 50 years and is in more than 120 airports across 11 countries. Plus, they offer multiple ways for travelers to find cheap flights.

Thus, you can find excellent tools to help you with this task on their website. Firstly, you can use the Low Fare Calendar, which provides a monthly overview of flights for specific routes.

For that, you need to inform your city of departure, destination, travel dates, and the number of passengers in their search engine. 

Additionally, it is possible to search based on cash prices or Rapid Reward points. As a result, you can enjoy convenience and flexibility when planning your next trip.

Southwest Airlines also has a Special Offers page, which allows customers to access flights, hotels, cars, and vacation package deals. 

You can also subscribe to your email to receive the latest news and promotional offers. This way, you can keep an eye on potential promotions. Great, isn’t it?

Customers can also count on an excellent program: Rapid Rewards. It allows them to earn points by traveling and spending with this company’s partners.



Southwest Airlines

low fares flight deals

Find flights from $69.99!

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Cheap Southwest Airlines flights at flight booking websites

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Find multiple deals and discounts for Southwest Airlines. Source: Adobe Stock

Indeep, Southwest Airlines offers useful tools to help travelers enjoy an excellent flight experience while saving money. However, there are other ways you can find cheap flights for this company.

For example, you can use flight booking websites to help you with that. Through these websites, it is possible to compare multiple flights offer before deciding. Let’s check three of them below.


Skyscanner aims to make the traveling process as simple as possible. And when it comes to finding Southwest Airlines cheap flights, it is no different. 

They allow users to compare multiple flight offers at once. Additionally, customers can also book hotels and car rentals.


Momondo is another excellent option for anyone looking for convenience and speed when planning a trip.

Through a free service, travelers can find and compare the best flights offers based on their needs. Plus, they can find hotels, car rentals, and package holidays. 


Are you looking for cheap Southwest Airlines cheap flights, stays, rental cars, vacation packages, things to do, and even cruises? Then Expedia is what you need.

Through a simple and intuitive interface, they allow you to look for the best deals all in one place. Isn’t it great? Planning your next vacation was never that easy.

How can you buy cheap Southwest Airlines flight tickets?

Southwest Airlines has been known for its friendly, reliable, and low-cost flights. Travelers can explore more than 120 destinations in 11 countries. 

And if you’re looking for a way to travel without breaking the bank, this company can help you. Southwest Airlines offers several tools to help travelers save money. 

Plus, buying your tickets is simple. Through a fast and easy process, you can guarantee your tickets. Let’s learn how.



Southwest Airlines

low fares flight deals

Get the best perks with the with the Rapid Rewards program and flights from $69.99!

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Use the Low Fare Calendar

As said, Southwest Airlines will offer excellent search engines to help customers find the best flight deals based on their needs. 

As a result, you can start your travel planning by taking a closer look at the Low Fare Calendar. This tool allows you to compare flight prices for the entire month. 

You’ll need to inform your travel dates, destination, city of departure, and the number of passengers. You can also set this tool to show prices based on cash or Rapid Reward Points.   

Mostly, the prices tend to be lower during the first nine days of the month. So you are flexible with your dates, this can be a great way to help you save.

Rapid Reward Points

Southwest Airlines provides a reward program that allows travelers to earn points for flying with them. Also, they can earn while spending with their partners.

The Rapid Reward Points don’t expire and can be redeemed for flights, hotel stays, rental cards, and much more. As a result, this can be an excellent opportunity for those who want to travel on a budget. 

Subscribe on the Southwest Airlines website

Southwest Airline application on the screen of mobile phone in mans hand. Passport, boarding bass are next to a white plane on the background. November 2021, San Francisco, USA.
Find multiple deals and save on your next trip with Southwest Airlines. Source: Adobe Stock

Besides checking flight deals on their website, Southwest Airlines customers can subscribe to their email on their website. 

By doing that, they will receive flight news, promotion offers, and deals. So if you want easy access to cheap Southwest Airlines flights, this can greatly help.

Check flight booking websites

Another excellent way to find cheap Southwest Airlines flights is through booking websites. There are multiple options for you to choose from, and each one will help you based on different information.

For example, you can use Skyscanner, Momondo, and Expedia. These websites will allow you to compare multiple offers for different destinations, making your travel planning simple.

Book your next flight

After using Southwest Airlines’ tools and choosing your next destination, it is time to book your flight. 

Further, you’ll have to answer a small form to help them identify you. Therefore, you’ll have to provide your name, date of birth, email address, and other information. 

Next, you must inform your payment method, and finally, you can complete your ticket purchase. Isn’t it simple?

We’ve made it simple so you can start planning your next trip today! Let’s get it started!



Southwest Airlines

low fares flight deals

Get the best destinations and earn points with flights from $69.99!

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